Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Why Do So Many Dullards Hang Around Religion?"

That's a little comment from an atheist in response to an article suggesting that Science and Religion can be made to agree. The entire paragraph was:
Why do so many dullards hang around religion? Why cannot you see how flimsy and ridiculously stupid your response is?
And that was followed up with one more salvo:

"intelligent" and "god" in the same sentence. Well I never.
If there is one aspect of modern atheism I extremely dislike it is this one, this idea that only fools can entertain notions of a Higher Power.

Every time I hear an atheist worry out loud about the dangers of Theocracy I can't help but think of the kind of atheism that is being expressed here and wonder what would happen if the day came that the majority of folks came to believe in an alleged inferiority of "dullards."


  1. I know that when I was an atheist I certainly maintained a kind of intellectual arrogance ; the belief that millions of people around the world are either ignorant or misguided or just haven't been made aware yet is common of both extremes of the debate.


  2. That's why I kept an open mind, nobody knows what in the afterlife. I do not like anyone who says "well I never"; there's a whole grasp of things that we cannot understand. Until you die ... or not. :)

  3. It's the extremism that worries me. Theocracies are rotten at protecting human rights and so are atheistic totalitarian governments.

  4. There are "fundamentalists" in every area of belief, theistic and atheistic.