Sunday, February 16, 2014

Holy Shit!

“But I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away.” A favorite method of dealing with devil used by Christian reformer Martin Luther. I was always attracted to Luther - not so much for his theology - but because he had  a certain, shall we say, earthy way of putting things. My impression is that he was something of a mean-spirited bigot, but we all have our crosses to bear, I suppose. He just had a certain way of putting things that always brought a smile to my face (examples: "You are like mouse-dropping in the pepper"; "I can with good conscience consider you a fart-ass and an enemy of God.").
Maybe I never fully outgrew the childish enjoyment of scatological humor.
Legend has it that Luther was given the insight which launched his efforts to reform the Catholic Church while sitting on the toilet, having often spent time there because he allegedly suffered from severe constipation. How true this I don't know. Like so many things it comes down to how certain words should be translated or interpreted - in this case the words "in cloaca."
Somehow I choose to believe the legend is true.
There is, unbeknownst to some, a condition that has been identified as Poophoria. Dr. Stool's humorous little website explains:
This poo can turn an atheist into a believer and is distinguished by the sense of euphoria and ecstasy that you feel throughout your body when this type of feces departs your system.
Dr. Anish Sheth and Josh Richman have written a book about defecation titled What's Your Poo Telling You? Therein the explanation for poophoria involves the stimulation of the vagus nerve which can occur when passing large masses of feces. Some think of it not in terms of religion but in sex, as in an "orgasmic" feeling. Hey, but even sex can have religious overtones, as in the so-called Religious orgasm ("oh, God, oh, God!).
Butt seriously - er, I mean - But seriously, what if the roots of the Reformation, the theology which highly emphasizes God's Grace as over human efforts to be good, got its start as a poophoric experience?
What a way to do (or doo-doo) theology!
Well, this post has become just so much foul wind, so with that last bad pun I'll sign off for now.