Saturday, March 1, 2014

So Offensive To God The Angels Speak It Not

This week a letter-to-the editor appeared in a local newspaper that weighed in with a Christian response to homosexuality. Here in the US Bible Belt that topic gets lots and lots of attention. As you can guess, the more conservative forms of Christianity holds a big sway over minds here.

Anyway, this 81-year-old letter writer turned a phrase that automatically caught my attention for both its emotional stimulus and poetic flair. Describing homosexuality he suggested:

It is so offensive to God that even the angels speak it not.

(How he arrived at that conclusion he doesn't say, but his entire letter can be read by clicking this link and scrolling down to The Consequences of Homosexuality.)

Now if that writer has a right to exercise his imagination on this topic, surely I do as well. I read the above letter and sat back in my chair with closed eyes trying to imagine a God who - in this world filled with human foibles and then outright inhumanity towards one another - is so offended by two of his creatures of the same sex sharing carnal pleasure, why, that the mere discussion of it with him by his angels is off limits.

I presume angels discuss unmitigated human greed. They probably couldn't help but notice our penchant for killing one another. How could they possibly miss our deep-seated habit of deceitfulness? But if humans find erotic pleasure with one of the same sex, why, God supposedly goes all fire and brimstone.

No, I just can't take the bait that angels can't discuss homosexuality with God for fear of offending Him. On the other hand, I can see some religious folks getting all obsessed about their prejudices and confusing them with divine ordinances. When that happens the imagination can surely run wild.


  1. How could it be wrong for two human beings, regardless of gender, to love each other.

  2. Only, I suppose, if the Divine Command Theory of Morality - which I DON'T embrace - were true. As I suggested, I think some people confuse their prejudices with divine will.