Monday, July 28, 2014

A Partridge Family Christmas

Okay, I admit it: I love the Partridge Family. When I was a kid that was "must see TV" for me. They were part of a fantastic Friday night television lineup. As a teen I owned most of their albums. I lost those somewhere along the way to now, but if I still had their music I would play it - and love it. That bubblegum rock brings back so many sweet (and sometimes bittersweet) adolescent memories!

Saturday evenings Antenna TV plays back to back episodes. I happened to tune in this past weekend. Wouldn't you know they played their Christmas offering. That is a peeve of mine, when television stations play sitcom Christmas episodes when it's not the Christmas season. Especially annoying when it's nearly 90 degrees outside, as it was Saturday evening here.

But what could I do? So I watched. I winced. No bubblegum rock, but a Christmas in carol during a hot July. More out of place than a flatulist at a funeral service - at least to my way of thinking (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit). Funny thing is, I don't remember seeing their Christmas episode during the original run. Can't say I enjoyed it that much now
But these retro television stations and oldie radio stations just do so much for this nostalgia-loving guy. What is it about that stuff that makes me want to drive by my childhood homes (both of them) just to reminisce? (I've actually done that a time or two.)

Well, summer is still going, although we are slated to have below normal temperatures again this week, with a chance of breaking an all time low temperature for one day this week. But last Christmas is a distant memory and the next is too far off to contemplate very seriously.

Once it gets here, I bet this Christmas episode of the PF will be nowhere to be found. And then I'll think back to the summer, when I did see it, and when my feet weren't cold....

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