Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Kennedy-Lincoln Connection

Chains of more-than-coincidence occur so often in my life that, if I am
forbidden to call them supernatural hauntings, let me call them a habit. Not
that I like the word 'supernatural'; I find these happenings natural enough,
though superlatively unscientific. - Robert Graves
Tomorrow marks the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Roughly one hundred years previous to that another beloved US president was removed from this earth by an assassin's bullet. Followers of the strange and uncanny have long noted the many coincidences that link these two presidents, the first lists appearing shortly after Kennedy's death.
As a student of Synchronicity myself I am more than fascinated by the seeming connection between Kennedy and Lincoln, although I have no theories as to why the similarities exist.
Both President Lincoln and President Kennedy were removed from their office by an assassin's bullet.
Both were shot on Friday.
Both were shot in the back of the head.
Both were shot in the back of the head while seated beside their wives.
President Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theater, Kennedy in a Ford automobile.
Both were succeeded by their Vice President Johnson (Andrew Johnson for Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson for Kennedy).
Besides bearing the same surname and, I think, more than a passing resemblance in appearance (note especially their noses), Lyndon Johnson was born one hundred years after Andrew Johnson (1908 versus 1808). They both are also thought of as somewhat crude characters. 

The assassins of both Lincoln and Kennedy were killed before they were brought to trial.
President Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln (Evelyn Lincoln).
The widowed Mrs. Kennedy modeled her slain husbands funeral on that of Abraham Lincoln.
I've often wondered but have yet found the time to investigate what influence President Lincoln's legacy might have had on President Kennedy. Maybe someday I will get around to looking in to this.
Now there are many more similarities than I have listed above. Some lists are quite extensive, containing both the most trivial of details and sometimes even wrong information. But the above is enough to get one to thinking.



  1. Okay, so what are you thinking? :-)

  2. Maybe some mystical vibration of the invisible strings that link everything in the cosmos together (LOL!). Really I just love the study of synchronicity. Maybe this is like that presidential zero year "curse." Interesting, if nothing else.

  3. I haven't studied synchronicity. Hmm? Might have to inquire.

    1. Jung took it quite seriously. Check the subject out. Very fascinating.

  4. These facts have always interested me. In my hometown, in Indiana, we have a museum devoted to Lincoln. I got one "gift" from there when I was a child--a gold plated coin with Abe & JFK's heads on one side, similarities on other. Indeed more than you listed--? Yes, interesting.

    1. Lots more. Some of not so accurate quality. But I tried to hit the high points. These coincidences fascinate me to know end.

  5. I remember when these first were published. The only other accurate one I remember was:
    Lincoln's assassin ran from a theater, Kennedy's to a theater.

  6. That's a good one, Don, and certainly should be added to the list. There are more, all in all an interesting collection of coincidences.