Monday, July 15, 2013

Our God Is Melvin

I am and always have been an avid dreamer and analyzer of my dreams. (I believe I have gleaned telling insights by listening to the dreams of others, but that's another matter.) Last night the theater of my mind was busy with several stories. One made a grand impression on me and it was the one I was having when I began to wake up. I will describe it now.
It seems that I had become the owner of a cute chimpanzee, not unsimilar to J. Fred Muggs, whom I remember from my youth. However, mine was smaller and much cuter. And my unnamed pet could talk. Or at least he was able to communicate with me using simple words. My lady friend was astounded at this and we were both taken by this cute little guy.
For some reason it occurred to me to ask the little fellow if he believed in God, specifically if they (as in chimps, I suppose) worship a specific God. My pet vigorously shook his in the affirmative, just as we've seen trained chimps do in the movies. Then I inquired further as to what their God's name might be. And my chimp friend told me their God was named - get this! - Melvin.
My lady friend and I just stared at each with openmouthed astonishment. And I stood there stroking his belly. Wow! Where did this come from?
Well, last night, as I sitting here at my desk waiting for my mom's phone call letting me know she had made it safely home from church, I was reading a couple of websites that promote Intelligent Design and examine the alleged difficulties with what they call Darwinism. 
Of course no matter how much IDers insist they are doing science (I can't help but think it is philosophy), it is hard to deny that there are definite religious implications. I grew up in a family whose mantra was "maybe your ancestors hung by their tails from limbs, but mine didn't." Although my public schooling didn't delve deeply into the subject of evolution, it was there in the textbooks, and implied in my science classes.
Now I'm neither a scientist nor a science geek. The sticks and stones of evolutionary theory are mostly above my pay grade. However, I came to accept over time that the Genesis account of creation is religious myth, not history. Thus it occurred to me that the acceptance of evolution need not deal a fatal blow to one's religious faith (although it might cause one to rethink certain aspects of it).
Oh, I neglected to say that as I was interrogating my chimp friend he pointed up to indicate his belief of where Melvin lives and pointed down to indicate he believed in Hell, too, I suppose.
In my dream I suppose I was bonding with one of my ancestors. The subjects of gods and religions are never far from my mind, and I further suppose that learning of a simian god named (of all things!) Melvin gave a certain frivolity to this whole affair.

All in all this was a funny experience for me. And for my readers a hopefully entertaining slice of the weird workings of the mind of Doug B.


  1. Headline at Doug's place: meandering mind manufactures Melvin!

    Alternately: Dream indicates religion is monkey business.

  2. Loved your dream Doug...verry funny and exrelayman's comment was great.

  3. I love it!. Dreams amaze and at the same time frighten me.

  4. @ exrelayman,

    Ha,ha ... I guess I could along with those.

  5. @ Sylvia,

    If only I shared the half of my dreams...!

  6. @ Don,

    I've learned a lot about myself in my dreams - so of which I don't like. The "filter" is off most of the time when we dream. That is very scary for me.

  7. Melvin? Melvin? Oh me thinks your chimp never truly believed. *grin*

  8. @ Zoe,

    Yeah, I know. I have no idea where that name came from. I've known one Melvin in my life, a co-worker was an aging biker. He hasn't been part of my life in a decade, and I can't tell you how long it's been since I thought about him. But I will defend to my last breath my chimp's sincerity of belief. :-)