Monday, April 20, 2015

Modern Miracles

I am reading the article Miracles That Stunned Doctors in the April Reader's Digest. Interesting stuff there.

These aren't miracles in the Humean sense but rather the types of things that while obviously not contrary to the laws of nature, are still so strikingly unlikely it causes those of us who hold a spiritual worldview to pause and see the divine.

Personally, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of God working against the system. For the same reason I find evolutionary theory more credible than direct creation.

As for the types of miracles recorded in the above articles, many doctors will say "meh."

Others, such as Matt Linam, MD at Arkansas Children's Hospital, who oversaw the "miraculous" recovery from a brain-eating amoebae of 12 year-old Kali Hardig, might say "Number one, it was God's grace." As he did.

The Humean miracles I was brought up to believe in led me directly to the idea of a very capricious God. It leads directly to the "why do bad things happen to good people" conundrum.

But now I think of life as a spiritual experience. As such, if one looks for them, if one is open to them, there are lots of examples of divine activity to be found. At least that's the way I think about the matter now.
I'm increasingly becoming convinced there is a divine element in life. I believe that divine element can be connected to, and life much enriched when it is connected to. I seek to develop my intuitive sense and I search for synchronicities (and I find them).

It seems to me that life itself is a miracle, or if not then an inexplicable cosmic accident. Therefore I believe in the Logos. And I believe in miracles.

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