Monday, February 2, 2015

And God's Choice Is...

This is the first Super Bowl I've paid attention to in I don't know how long. I stayed around to watch the opening minutes of the game before I headed to bed. My interest solely was all the God talk surrounding this game. Apparently 1 in 4 Americans believe God determines the winner of Super Bowl.

Would God help Russell Wilson carry his team to victory? If God picked the Patriots, what would Wilson have to say?

Now we know. In the last seconds of the game, and with the Seahawks mere feet from a comeback victory, the God-powered quarterback threw an interception!

That's exactly right. Sometimes you do things correctly and a trickster comes along to upend things. In this case, the trickster was Patriot cornerback Malcolm Butler.

Or maybe God had his hand on Butler....

Then again, maybe it was a bad call by Seahawk strategists who "got out of the will of God."

It could be that God, contrary to a quarter of Americans, really doesn't care who wins; or as I suggested in my first post on this topic, God doesn't micromanage affairs.

Perhaps we will "understand it better by and by." However, the takeaway for me is that God talk can easily drift to the ridiculous.


  1. I heard Butler interviewed after the game say that he had a vision he was going to make a great play. Haven't heard or read anything about it since but I wondered then what he meant by "vision."

  2. That's interesting and I didn't know about it. I've no idea what he meant.

    But I will tell you this. I had a dream last night about a problem that has been vexing me lately. So powerful, so vivid was that dream that I felt I had to act on it and do as I did in my dream. Today I did, with perfect confidence that I was doing the right thing. Call me crazy, but....